Hi I have been working out with Jane for a year and half now and love it.  I am a busy mom with two teenage boys and work part-time and don't have a lot of "me" time.  However, my time with Jane is one of the best things I do for myself.   I love the one on one training, and Jane always makes you feel that you are her one and only focus.  I use to belong to a gym and hated to go, it was always a task.  I never feel that way about my time with Jane.  I look forward to my workouts.  Since I started working out with Jane I have increased my flexibility, strength and endurance.  Jane is a knowledgeable and professional trainer, and unlike other trainers, she actually workouts with you...awesome!  She always keeps things fresh, fun and challenging.  Her passion for personal fits is evident by her devotion to her clients.  Love ya Jane, you'r the best!
- Barbara Tortora


​I have been working out with Jane for three years.  Over this time our one on one has given me more strength, flexibility, shaped my body and even lost weight.   I hate to exercise.  Jane makes it fun especially when I know I will ride to get my Dunkin (coffee only)  after the work out.  There are times I just need to stretch and we do that .  However, Jane always throws in those abs because if you don't use it you lose it!  I have found Jane to be a delight compared to gyms and group classes, of which I have done them all without results.  Getting a personal workout to fit your schedule, preferences and gently pushed to do the things you wouldn't on your own has made a considerable difference.  It is wonderful to have your clothes fit and be limber and good in general.  Thanks Jane for putting up with all my moaning and complaints that Dunkin coffee isn't part of the work out. 
​- Adele


I have been training with Jane, owner of LadiezGetFit, for several years now and have to say working with her has balanced out my fitness routine.  I play a great deal of tennis and needed to work on stretching and core strengthening exercises; Jane has come through with her knowledge and expertise with creative routines that have made me fitter and stronger allowing me to become a better player!  Besides, we always have a lot of laughs.  Love you, Jane! 
- Karen Terzano


Hi! I am a long time friend of Jane who always liked to dance since she was little.  As time went on Jane was very involved in theatre and dance and was always one of the leads in our high school plays.  When Jane let me know she was creating a new business called LadiezGetFit and LadiezLetsGo; I thought Wow!!!! Jane not only will be an excellent instructor but she truly loves to do any kind of physical fitness.  Her passion to help people improve their appearance through dance and physical fitness has helped many people regain their strength as they get older and avoid injuries by making it fun of which Jane can certainly do.  The hour goes by so quickly you feel when you are done that your entire has been worked out and stretched.  I would recommend Jane to any one who loves a good one-on-one work out and each session is new and eventful.  Go for it Jane you deserve it and more.
- Pam

More Testimonials


Jane is Terrific.  Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle influences every aspect of her personal training.She is an excellent listener and observer.  Safety and variety are her hallmark work styles.Exercise with Jane is a total body mind and spirit experience.  A daily dose is the best prescription. 
- Helen Crosson


Jane, I want to thank you so very much for the many ways you have helped me through your expert training and exercise.  Yes, I have lost inches and firmed up but,even more importantly ,I have gained strength, flexibility and stamina, all of which have improved my enjoyment of life. Your sessions are varied, informative, effective, efficient and fun.  Kudos to you for your professional preparation, and presentation at each session.  I am so glad I found you! 
​Sincerely, ​Lori Golden


I have known Jane almost one year and love her one-on-ones.  She comes to me or my good friend Lori's house to give us sessions together or  sometimes separately depending upon our schedules. Jane is dedicated, strong, driven, loyal and every session is not only fun but new and interesting.  She always asks how we are and if we have anyissues bothering us that would affect our work out. Thank you, Jane, for the outstanding good work and your promptness at each and every work out session. 
​Sincerely, Cynthia Zucker


I met Jane on a trip to Spain and ever since that trip we not only have a great friendship but Jane you can rely on in any situation.  She is dedicated to her craft which is Dance and Fitness and I would recommend Jane to anyone interested in improving Health, and Nutrition with Jane. She not only cares about people but also gets them completely absorb in their work out and the hour goes by that you feel you have had a totalbody makeover. Jane, Go and show your stuff.  
​- Ruthie