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About Jane Mitchell and are my official websites

I just wanted to let people know that I do one-on-one individual training as well as group

training for those who wish to work out together.

I know once you have had a work out session with me you will be pleased.  I want to work on areas that concern you as clients and make it not only fun but interesting and a learning environment as well.

Read my testimonials and all about my services. I have the necessary equipment to get

a real good workout and make you feel stronger, and more flexible. As we get older the

body tightens up and joints get inflamed that is why exercise should be a daily part of

your life so you can continue to enjoy life. 

Start Training today

I specialize in yoga, weight and interval training, cardio kick boxing and Pilates Matt and Chair. 

Dance has been my love ever since I was a little girl, and now, I want to share my knowledge and abilities with women over 40 years old who could really benefit from my services.

Please call 516 398 2648 so we can discuss what you want to work on to make you stronger, more flexible and enjoy life to its fullest. 


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